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Gloucestershire Land For People

Gloucestershire Land for People (GLP) is an umbrella body that develops and supports Community Land Trusts (CLTs) throughout the county. 

GLP promotes the development of robust and sustainable communities by enabling people in towns, villages and the countryside to set up CLTs to own, develop and run assets, such as affordable housing, workspace, recreational facilities and land for growing food, for the benefit of the community in which they live and work.  Any profit GLP makes is reinvested for community benefit.

 You can download and read our mission, aims and objectives here: GLP_Mission_Aims_Objectives_0409.pdf GLP_Mission_Aims_Objectives_0409.pdf (357.27 KB)

GLP's membership and governance 

We have an open membership, which elects directors to our board of management.  Our current elected and co-opted directors are: Max Comfort (Chair), Ian Crawley, Lex Cumber and Paul Jennings. 

Tatia Nichols-Arlès is our new part-time Administrator (starting July 2nd 2012) .

The last three years' Annual Reports can be downloaded here:
GLP Annual Report 2008-9.pdf

GLP Annual Report 2009-10.pdf

GLP Annual Report 2010 - 11.pdf


An affordable home for you and your family?

Are you on a low or moderate income, paying a high private rent and yet cannot get social housing or afford to buy on the open market? One of the cornerstones of GLP's ambitions is to create affordable housing for people on local wages. GLP is striving to help you get a home by working up a range of projects throughout Gloucestershire, and helping other CLTs to set up in the county.

Land for growing food and community activities

GLP isn't just interested in creating affordable housing, but also wants to create community allotments and gardens, where people can get together to grow food, stage events, socialise and enjoy being out and about.

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Our Supporters Say:

"I have a sound credit rating, am a working single mother with two young children. I cannot get a mortgage, yet pay more in rent than I would to own a place."

Ri Palmer 


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